Reflections on Building a Makerspace Out of a Classroom

In July I found myself presented with a great opportunity; I had the chance to take everything I have learned from non-profits, museums, Mayor’s Offices and mentors and dump it into a small room on the third floor of a school in LA.  The great thing about formal education is that we still have summer… Continue reading Reflections on Building a Makerspace Out of a Classroom


A Laboratory for Leanring

Throughout my career I have experienced education in many different facets including the classroom, the boardroom, the frontline and the sidelines.  With all of this experience I have been able to take stock of areas of need for the youth and educators throughout the country and I have made a purposeful decision to try and… Continue reading A Laboratory for Leanring

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Connected Learning & Forward Momentum

The city of Chicago is fortunate to have an incubator for connections and change.  Hive Chicago is a magical place where civic and cultural institutions come together to change they way education happens.  When I returned to Chicago last year I was introduced to the Hive and I totally have a crush on the model.… Continue reading Connected Learning & Forward Momentum


Learning to (on) the Fly

I led public school teachers on an inquiry-based exploration of integrating Project Exploration’s model into their classroom for the Pittcon 2014 Science Week.  We started by creating a Code of Conduct to help the teachers experience what it is like to define their leaning space.  The code included “don’t be creepy with your phone” and… Continue reading Learning to (on) the Fly


Why You Should Spend a Day at Base Camp Before You Summit

When you land in Denver you notice two things: one, the cowboys, they are everywhere and two, the lack of oxygen.  The latter you don’t notice right away, but it is bound to catch up to you. I landed in Denver on Wednesday morning and headed to the University of Northern Colorado.   I jumped… Continue reading Why You Should Spend a Day at Base Camp Before You Summit